Data Loggers

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Video Overlay Box

The VOB is an optional "black box" module that works in conjunction with all our data logging products. It enables data to be over-layed onto a live video stream. The over-layed data can be either in the form of numbers, bar graphs, or a combination of the two.

Price: $1,100.00


The SPEEDBOX is a state of the art GPS based "non contact" speed sensor with a typical accuracy of 0.1mph. This level of performance is far,far better than is possible with even carefully calibrated wheel speed sensors. The SPEEDBOX has several outputs and is designed to be connected to a data logging or display system.

Price: $2,199.00


The IMU06 is a full six degree of freedom sensor module which can be used standalone or with a data logger to give a full 100Hz output of three orthogonal accelerations and three orthogonal rotation rates.Fully calibrated over the temperature range 0-50C. Ideal for studying chassis dynamics or advanced accident reconstruction.

Price: $6,280.00

Race Technology - DL2

The bigger brother of the DL1, and based on the same core technology,the DL2 has been enhanced for harsh environments and improved performance with a water-resistant machined aluminium case and 20Hzhigh-accuracy GPS system specifically designed for this application.

Price: $3,750.00

DL1 Datalogger

The DL1 is a highly flexible, powerful data logging system. Featuring an integrated, high accuracy, 5Hz GPS receiver, with data logging directly to compact flash. It is ideally suited to auto sport applications as well as bikes, boats and industrial/professional applications.

The DL1 is suitable for use in cars, boats and on bikes. The DL1 is also widely used in industrial testing.

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Price: $1,570.00

Race Technologo - Dash 2

The DASH2 is a slimline, water resistant (IP65) data display system,with custom LCD and die cast enclosure for use with our range of data logging products. With fully configurable displays, independent alarms and the ability to accept up to four optional external switches, theDASH2 can be tailored to fit almost any automotive display application.

Price: $1,570.00

Race Technology - Dash 1

The DASH1 is a compact, robust, water resistant data display system for use with our range of data logging products. Once the DASH1 is connected to one of our data loggers, it can be configured to display many key parameters.

Price: $1,099.00

Race Technology - AX22 Race Computer

The AX22 is a new product for a new market sector, it is a comprehensive data logging system that can be installed in minutes. TheAX22 can be used to either carry out measurements on the car (for example acceleration times or braking distances) and view the results on its screen, or log data to compact flash and carry out a more complete analysis on a computer.

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Price: $1,560.00

Race Technology - AP22

Race Technology has sold many 1000's of these performance meters for applications as diverse as drag racing and crash testing. Our meters are not a simple gadget, but a professional, upgradeable tool that is endorsed by magazines, tuners and professionals throughout the world.

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Price: $399.00