Flat Shifter Pro


Full throttle clutchless up gear shifts & clutchless down shifts (patented auto blip system) YES IF YOUR RACER IS FITTED WITH VIRTUALLY ANY SEQUENTIAL GEARBOX Hewland ,Sadev, Elite etc etc or has a motorcycle engine/gearbox we can give you autoblip for clutchless downshifts, Also electric gearshift system for sequential gearboxes Instant gear changes using buttons or paddles.

The Flatshifter electronic gearshift system offers fully clutchless gearshifts.
Why waste money on half a system? Many similar quickshifter products only offer a fast upshift, but the Flatshifter Pro quickshifter is unique in that it also provides a clutchless downshift.

Flatshifter performance gear shifting products are suitable for use on motorbikes and bike-engined road and race cars as well as other types of vehicle fitted with sequential gearboxes. They offer full or part throttle clutchless up-shifting and smooth clutchless downshifting. Maximize engine power and experience smooth and continuous acceleration just as World Class competition riders do!

This unique system consists of an electronic control unit and a gear shift rod which replaces the existing one.on motorbikes, or is fitted into the existing gear linkage for car applications. The kit is supplied complete with a detailed instruction manual and all necessary wiring and connectors, making installation quick and simple.
We also offer the Flatshifter Max which is a push-button gear change system which may be combined with any of our quickshifters to give a fully automated gear change at the push of a button
Flatshifter products are suitable for road or track applications. They make road riding or driving smoother and more fun, and offer significant performance advantages on the track at an affordable price.
We offer other automotive products such as the Evo Dash digital dashboard. We hope to expand our product range soon to include many more auto-related products