Race Technology - AP22
What is the AP22?
The AP22 is our most popular product, it is now in it 2nd evolution and there are literally 1000'sof them in use throughout the world by driving enthusiasts and professionals alike. Put simply, it is a box with a display that can be used to accurately measure your acceleration times, braking distances,tyre grip and other performance indicators but the best part is that because it uses accelerometers (and optionally GPS) it does not require any installation in the car whatsoever. It can be placed on the dashboard (or other relatively flat surface) and you can start testing immediately. The AP22 runs off 2 internal AA batteries, so it doesn't even need a connection to the car's 12v supply.

Who is the AP22 designed for?
MostAP22's are used by motoring enthusiasts who are either interested in how their car performs, or want to accurately measure some improvement they have made to their cars performance. The meters are also widely used in auto sport to measure 60ft times, tyre performance or improvements to suspension set up. We also sell 100's of meters to other more niche professional applications such as accident reconstruction,insurance companies assessing cars, driving instructors, the police testing HGV braking performance and car companies testing ride comfort to name just a few! Finally, because the AP22 doesn't require any connections to the car whatsoever, it can be used on anything from classic cars to dragsters!

What does it do?
TheAP22 contains a precision dual axis, digital accelerometer to accurately measure both how fast the vehicle is accelerating and how quickly it is cornering. The high performance microprocessor in theAP22 uses the measured accelerations to work out speed, distance, power(at the wheels), torque1, how close you are to the traction limit and even simple track maps.

Features of the AP22 performance meter
TheAP22 is a very accurate performance measurement instrument. In it's most basic form it is designed for short acceleration and braking runs.The data can be viewed on the screen and optionally stored for downloading to a computer at a later date for further analysis. With the optional analogue outputs and GPS3 module, the AP22 can be used for track mapping and integration into other data logging systems. The main features are as follows:

Summary timing modes. For quick,easy, accurate performance measurements. The modes include: timing between any 2 speeds, timing over a set distance and timing over a quarter mile. Timing between speeds modes can be used for acceleration and braking runs, eg 0-60mph, 30-50mph or 100mph-0. Quarter mile timing is a special mode for drag racers and displays the times for roll out,60ft, 330ft, 660ft, 0-60mph, 0-100mph as well as the quarter mile statistics.

Display mode. Simply displays information on the screen eg. cornering force.

Continuous mode.Logs all the data including speed and acceleration to the internal memory for analysis on the PC using the comprehensive software provided. With all the data stored up to 100 times every second, you can see exactly what is going on in incredible detail!

Configurable.The AP22 is highly configurable: units can be set to either metric or imperial as required and set up details of up to 4 different cars can be stored for quick reference. 

Simple operation. The operation of the AP22 is very simple using its 3 buttons: up, down and select. The menu system is rather like operating a simple mobile phone. 
Non-volatile memory.The memory inside the AP22 keeps it's contents even when turned off and with the batteries removed. There are 3 different memory sizes available for the AP22, 10000 samples, 40000 samples or 80000 samples.At 100Hz sample rate the memory can store 100, 400 or 800 seconds respectively. At 25Hz sample rate the memory can store 400, 1600 or3200 seconds (about 50minutes) respectively. 

Optional GPS.The AP22 is fully compatible with our GPS3 module which is available separately. If the GPS3 is attached to the AP22 then the speeds are even more accurate as the accelerometer drift is eliminated and the system can generate the same very high quality track maps that you get from our other high end logging products.

External serial port.The serial port is used for downloading the logged data to your PC,upgrading the AP22 firmware or connecting the optional external GPS3receiver. 

Fast processor. The AP22 uses the very latest, high speed RISC processor to ensure there is plenty of power for future expansion

Silicon accelerometer.Inside the AP22 is a high precision dual axis accelerometer. The accelerometer is the same type that is used in our other products and uses a special digital output to ensure that the measurements are accurate and low noise.
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