Race Technology - AX22 Race Computer
The AX22 is a new product for a new market sector, it is a comprehensive data logging system that can be installed in minutes. TheAX22 can be used to either carry out measurements on the car (for example acceleration times or braking distances) and view the results on its screen, or log data to compact flash and carry out a more complete analysis on a computer.

Installing the AX22 couldn't be much simpler. It is normally mounted on the windscreen using the Cullman suction mount, and adjusted so it is approximately level.Power comes from either the cigar lighter or another 12v source.Finally, the magnetic mount GPS antenna should be mounted on the car's exterior and you are ready to go testing!

Cutting edge features of the AX22 include: Very high quality backlit display, German made aluminium windscreen mount, built in 5Hz GPS receiver, digital accelerometers, compact flash memory, optional RPM input, lap beacon input, serial input for ECU/OBDii data, output to drive a dashboard,video overlay system or a telemetry link (options).

Who is the AX22 designed for?
Because the AX22 is so quick and simple to install and use in different vehicles, the AX22 is ideal for car enthusiasts who want to know more about their cars and improve their driving, race driving instructors,car testing professionals, accident reconstruction engineers, magazines who road test cars and other driving professionals.

What does the AX22 do?
You can use the AX22 in 3 different modes: You can do a simple summary run and look at the results on the screen of the AX22 (for example, time how long it takes to accelerate from 0-60mph or measure the braking distance from 100mph). Alternatively, you can view data on the screen but not log it (for example display your current cornering g force or the speed you are going), or you can log everything to memory for detailed analysis on your computer.

The AX22 calculates the vehicles speed, acceleration, RPM, power, torque, distance travelled and GPS position 100 times every second with very high accuracy - far more accurate than the instruments that use wheel speed sensors for example. While summary results can be viewed on the screen, the real power of the system is when you look at the logged data on the computer using our data analysis software. This allows you to check everything down to the last corner and gear change - even lap times and sector times can be calculated for circuit work.

Why use GPS?
One of the key features of the AX22 is its built in high accuracy GPS system - this gives the AX22 advantages over other data loggers in 2key areas - greatly improved track maps and far more accurate speed data.

Track Mapping
Conventional data loggers require a closed circuit to enable them to calculate the track map; the shape of the track is estimated from a combination ofthe lateral acceleration and speed. This works adequately in some situations but it becomes increasingly inaccurate for long tracks and impossible for open circuits, motorbikes or boats. In contrast, the GPS will produce high accuracy track maps in almost any situation.

Speed Measurement
While speed is probably the most important parameter that anyone wants to measure using the data logging system, it is also the most inaccurate in a conventional system. The normal way to measure speed is to simply attach a pick up to a wheel to detect how fast it is rotating - but the rolling circumference of a tyre changes by 4% just with wear and temperature. Even worse, the error increases significantly under race conditions where the tyre is under loaded - typically the tyre slips by about 20% under hard braking going into a corner. Measuring speed using GPS is now common practice in high-end systems - under typical conditions speed error is well under 1%!

Features of the AX22 performance computer
TheAX22 is an all new, 2nd generation, data logging product from Race Technology. The AX22 combines some parts of our very popular performance meters and other parts from out new DL1 black box data logger.

The AX22 can be operated in 3 different modes

Summary timing modes
For quick, easy, accurate performance measurements. The modes include:timing between any 2 speeds, timing over a set distance and timing over a quarter mile. Timing between speeds mode can be used for acceleration and braking runs, e.g. 0-60mph, 30-50mph or 100mph-0. Quarter mile timing is a special mode for drag racers and displays the times for roll out, 60ft, 330ft, 660ft, 0-60mph, 0-100mph as well as the quarter mile statistics.

Display mode
Simply displays information on the screen such as acceleration or speed. This mode is useful for calibrating speedometers and testing tyres, or testing for a car's maximum speed where you want a single result immediately without having to load the data onto a computer.

Continuous mode
Logs all the data (including speeds and accelerations) to the compact flashcard for analysis on the PC using the comprehensive software provided.With all the data stored 100 times every second, you can see exactly what is going on in incredible detail.

The AX22 also features

Built in GPS

The new GPS unit is based on our own high accuracy GPS3 technology and calculates position and speed 5 times every second. This is easily the fastest, most accurate GPS system available for under $1500. The measurements from the GPS and accelerometers are combined to calculat every high accuracy positions and speeds at 100 times a second.

Built in accelerometers
Built in 2-axis accelerometer with 2g full scale (optional 10g full scale).

Logging to compact flash memory
Compact flash memory is robust, economical and ideal for use in data logging products. The advantages of using compact flash include incredibly fast download times (using a suitable card reader) and huge storage capacities.

Built in display
TheAX22 includes a large, very high quality, high contrast, 40 character,backlit LCD display. The LCD is a special design that works at both high and low temperatures.

Simple Use
TheAX22 is controlled using 3 buttons: up, down and select. The menu interface which is very similar to our established range of performance meters.

Simple Mounting
The windscreen suction mount is made from billet aluminium in Germany by Cullman and provides an ultra stable mount - essential for accurate gforce data. Alternatively the AX22 can be permanently mounted in the vehicle using aluminium brackets if required RPM input
The AX22 has an RPM input designed for low level signals such as a feed from the ECU.

Serial data (RS232) input
The serial port can be configured to accept data from an external source -possible examples are data from the engine management unit, OBDii or CAN data (with a suitable adapter)

Lap beacon input
For some applications it is desirable to use a lap beacon, so we have included a dedicated input for it. It can also be used as a general-purpose digital input if required.

Build quality
The AX22 is built into a 2mm thick aluminium enclosure for very high impact resistance.

Power supply requirements
Thepower supply to the AX22 data logger can be taken directly from thevehicles 12v supply, or it can be powered from it's own battery ifrequired. The power supply is smoothed and regulated within the AX22ensuring its performance it highly robust and stable.
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