Race Technology - Dash 1
What is the Dash 1?
The DASH1 is a compact, robust,water resistant data display system for use with our range of data logging products. Once the DASH1 is connected to one of our data loggers, it can be configured to display many key parameters including real time lap and sector times calculated from GPS data, any available analogue measurements (e.g. temperatures and pressures), RPM,wheel/shaft speeds etc. The actual data displayed can be set up for the users specific requirements. You can also set independent alarms for all channels.

Who is the Dash1 designed for?
TheDASH1 can be used for road, racing and development applications. It extends the use of our loggers by allowing the user to see the data in real time in the vehicle. The DASH1 is very robust, making it ideal for demanding applications from single seaters to a professional engineering environment.

What does the Dash1 do?
The unit accepts the serial data stream from our range of data logging products converts them to the users preferred units and displays them on the screen. For example you could display exhaust gas temperature or oil pressure, you can also set warning levels for each channel to indicate when an input is too high or low. Crucially, the DASH1 also displays high accuracy lap and sector times, calculated from GPS data without the need for a track side beacon. The actual data that the DASH1displays, as well as the units etc can all be configured from a PC to the users exact requirements. Up to 30 different user defined screens can be set up. Depending on the device that the DASH1 is connected to the following channels are available:

  • Anodised aluminium CNC machined case, sealed to IP65
  • Large, clear, backlit 40 character display (characters approximately 10mm high)
  • 4 large 15mm buttons, for easy operation even with gloves
  • Single 9 way d-type to accept power and serial data (leads available for AX22, DL1, DL2, SPEED BOX)
  • Configurable from a PC
  • 5 user configurable screens with values, bar graphs, or both.

Dashboard Configuration.
The data that is displayed can be controlled using the PC software provided, meaning that only the relevant data is visible and presented in the most helpful format. Using the software you can control:

  • Which channels are displayed
  • The name of the channels
  • The units displayed
  • The scaling of the channels
  • The number of decimal places displayed
  • Whether 2, 3 or 4 channels are displayed on the screen
  • Whether the channel is displayed as a value or bar graph
  • The lower and upper warning levels for the channels
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